About The Builder

Ken Carper, Jr., Owner   |   ken@kennethhomes.net

In 1985, when Ken was just 17 years old, he took a job as a general laborer for a local
builder. It was hard work for low pay, but he loved helping to create something that would
ultimately become a home. He also enjoyed learning about new home construction from the ground up.

In 1988 Ken married a girl that he met at his church.

In 1989 they had their first child. That same year Ken was promoted to framing crew

In 1991 Ken and his wife welcomed the addition of their second child. With that blessing came additional responsibility. So Ken became a Realtor. It afforded him the opportunity to help more people, especially in new home construction. He spent most of his time working at various new home communities, gaining valuable insight into the issues that typically
affect new home buyers.

In 1994 Ken earned the distinction of Certified New Home Sales Professional through the National Association of Home Builders. By this time Ken’s family had grown to include four kids. Ken continued to market new home communities for other reputable, local builders for the next 14 years, always taking notes for when he would be able to return to the building side of the business.

In 2008 Ken became a builder. People said he was crazy to start a building business in the worst housing market in over 20 years, but after working closely with more than a dozen builders, Ken was convinced that there will always be a need for QUALITY HOMES AT
Kenneth Homes has built, sold and settled over 200 homes.